Super Rare Artwork by Timothy Mohan

rare animated art 

watermarks do not appear on original artwork or NFT files

Baby Bear


The Big Machine

The Orca

Breathe (2 AM)

Dog & Butterfly

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Mohan Artwork At The

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

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Permanent Art Collection

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Titled: "On The Run"

Sendout Timothy Mohan - On The Run - 32

New Mohan Artwork

will be on Loan & Exhibited in 2021

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Canvas sendout - Wolf Dance 2 Clean  -1-
Canvas sendout - Wolf Dance 2 Clean  -2-
Canvas sendout - Wolf Dance 2 Clean  -3-

Triptych Titled: "Wolf Dance"

Previously Loaned & Exhibited Artwork

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Canvas reduced  Little Devil - 32x40 - 2

Titled: "Little Devil"

Canvas reduced - Makwa - 32x40 - 2017 no

Titled: "Makwa"

sendout Timothy Mohan - Thunderstruck -

Titled: "Thunderstruck"

sendout Timothy Mohan - The Night Flight

Titled: "The Night Flight"

Mohan Artwork

Simcoe County District School Board


The Seven Grandfather Teachings

1 Sendout -watermark 7 Teachings Wisdom

Titled: "Wisdom"

4 Sendout - watermark 7 Teachings Respec

Titled: "Respect"

7 Sendout - watermark 7 Teachings Love P

Titled: "Love"

2 Sendout - watermark 7 Teachings Braver

Titled: "Bravery/Courage"

5 Sendout - watermark 7 Teachings Truth

Titled: "Truth"

3 Sendout - watermark 7 Teachings Honest

Titled: "Honesty"

6 Sendout - watermark 7 Teachings Humili

Titled: "Humility"

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Canvas Dimensions 7.5 x 5 feet

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