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Tote Bag Collection

We are pleased to present our new Tote Bag Collection.

Made in Canada on durable polycanvas to ensure many years of enjoyment.

Now available in a basic version as well as a lined and fashionista friendly urban tote. 

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tote 8.png

Aboriginal Art 1

tote 11.png

Aboriginal Art 4

tote 17.png


tote 21.png

Little One

tote 23.png


tote 25.png


tote 28.png

Wolf Dance 1

tote 31.png


tote 13.png


tote 42.png


tote 46.png

Two Of Us

tote 47.png

Moonlight Sonata

tote 55.png

Canadian Flag

tote 53.png

Rainbow LGBT

tote 15.png

Canadian Spirit

tote 36.png

Fairy 1

tote 7.png

Area 51

tote 26.png

Dog & Butterfly

tote 1.png

Design 1

tote 9.png

Aboriginal Art 2

tote 4.png


tote 18.png

Sister Moon

tote 20.png


tote 24.png


tote 30.png

Flock Together

tote 33.png

Wolf Dance 2

tote 56.png

Wolf Clan

tote 12.png


tote 43.png


tote 48.png


tote 57.png

The Tiger

tote 54.png

American Flag

tote 39.png


tote 38.png

American Star

tote 35.png

Fairy 2

tote 41.png

Flower Garden

tote 6.png


tote 2.png

Design 2

tote 10.png

Aboriginal Art 3

tote 3.png


tote 16.png

On The Run

tote 19.png

Once Upon A Wave

tote 22.png


tote 27.png

Brother Wolf

tote 29.png

Wolf Dance 3

tote 32.png


tote 14.png


tote 44.png

Fly By Night

tote 45.png


tote 49.png


tote 51.png

Union Jack

tote 52.png

Rainbow Flag

tote 37.png

American Pride

tote 34.png

Fairy 3

tote 40.png

The Clans

tote 5.png


tote 50.png


Face Mask Collection

We are pleased to present our new Face Covering Collection.

Made in Canada 100% cotton sateen face coverings!

Available in multiple sizes with metal nose piece and an internal filter pocket.

Click on image below to be redirected to our secure AOW store homepage.

face-mask 1st Contact.png

1st Contact

face-mask Wolf Totem.png

Wolf Totem

face-mask Orca Totem.png

Orca Totem

face-mask Electric Frog.png

Electric Frog

face-mask Black Horse.png

Black Horse

face-mask Blue Jays.png

Blue Jays

face-mask Love Volkswagen Beetle.png

 Love Volkswagen Beetle

face-mask I Robot.png

I, Robot

face-mask Design 1.png

Design 1

face-mask design 4.png

Design 4

face-mask Area 51.png

Area 51

face-mask Turtle Totem.png

Turtle Totem

face-mask Wolf Dance.png

Wolf Dance

face-mask Happy Face.png

Happy Face

face-mask American Pride.png

American Pride

face-mask Union Jack.png

Union Jack

face-mask The Garden.png

The Garden

face-mask Time.png


face-mask Design 2.png

Design 2

face-mask design 5.png

Design 5

face-mask Believe.png


face-mask Owl Totem.png

Owl Totem

face-mask Medicine Wheel.png

Medicine Wheel

face-mask Electric Frog 1.png

Electric Frog 1

face-mask American Flag.png

American Flag

face-mask Rainbow Flag.png

Rainbow Flag

face-mask Dragons.png


face-mask Horse.png


face-mask design 3.png

Design 3

face-mask design 6.png

Design 6

Pillow Case Collection

We are pleased to present our new Pillow Case Collection.

Made in Canada available in velveteen, a fabric soft to touch or canvas.

The pillow cases have a YKK zipper closure & can withstand heavy use.

Ships as pillow case only. 

Click on image below to be redirected to our secure AOW store homepage.

pillow case - Canadian Flag.png
pillow case - American Flag.png
pillow case - Union Jack.png

Canadian Flag

pillow case - Rainbow Flag.png

Rainbow Flag

pillow case - Medicine Wheel Orca.png

American Flag

pillow case - Stars & Stripes.png

Stars & Stripes

pillow case -  Medicine Wheel Wolves.png

Union Jack

pillow case -  Cats.jpg


pillow case -  Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel Orca

pillow case -  Pillow Case.png

Mohan Design

pillow case - On The Run.png

In The Run

pillow case - Wolf Dance.png

Wolf Dance

pillow case - Flower Garden.png

Medicine Wheel Wolves

pillow case -  Pillow Case 1.png

Mohan Design 1

pillow case - Leopard.png


pillow case - Lion.png


pillow case - Pray.png

Medicine Wheel Turtles

pillow case -  Pillow Case 2.png

Mohan Design 2

pillow case - The Clans.png

The Clans

pillow case - Autumn.png


pillow case - Happy Face.png

Flower Garden


Happy Face

Duvet Covers

We are pleased to present our new Duvet Cover Collection.

Composed of 100% cotton sateen, this smooth and satiny soft fabric is naturally luxurious.

Made in Canada

Click on image below to be redirected to our secure AOW store homepage.

duvets - Duvet Cover 1.png

Duvet Cover - 1

duvets - Duvet Cover 2.png

Duvet Cover - 2

duvets - Stars & Stripes.png

Stars & Stripes

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