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Pillow Case Collection

We are pleased to present our new Pillow Case Collection.

Made in Canada available in velveteen, a fabric soft to touch or canvas.

The pillow cases have a YKK zipper closure & can withstand heavy use.

Ships as pillow case only. 

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pillow case - Canadian Flag.png

Canadian Flag

pillow case - Rainbow Flag.png

Rainbow Flag

pillow case - Medicine Wheel Orca.png

Medicine Wheel Orca

pillow case -  Pillow Case.png

Mohan Design

pillow case - On The Run.png

In The Run

pillow case - Wolf Dance.png

Wolf Dance

pillow case - Flower Garden.png

Flower Garden

pillow case - American Flag.png

American Flag

pillow case - Stars & Stripes.png

Stars & Stripes

pillow case -  Medicine Wheel Wolves.png

Medicine Wheel Wolves

pillow case -  Pillow Case 1.png

Mohan Design 1

pillow case - Leopard.png


pillow case - Lion.png


pillow case - Pray.png


pillow case - Union Jack.png

Union Jack

pillow case -  Cats.jpg


pillow case -  Medicine Wheel Turtles.pn

Medicine Wheel Turtles

pillow case -  Pillow Case 2.png

Mohan Design 2

pillow case - The Clans.png

The Clans

pillow case - Autumn.png


pillow case - Happy Face.png

Happy Face

Duvet Covers

We are pleased to present our new Duvet Cover Collection.

Composed of 100% cotton sateen, this smooth and satiny soft fabric is naturally luxurious.

Made in Canada

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duvets - Duvet Cover 1.png

Duvet Cover - 1

duvets - Duvet Cover 2.png

Duvet Cover - 2

duvets - Stars & Stripes.png

Stars & Stripes

duvets - The Eagles.png

The Eagles

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